To create a Livewire component that integrates a Filament form, you’ll need to follow several steps. This example assumes you already have Laravel and Filament installed in your project. Filament is a Laravel package that provides an admin panel for your application.

  • Step 1: Create a Filament Form

    Before integrating with Livewire, create a Filament form. You can do this by generating a new form using the php artisan make:filament-form command:

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    Replace YourFormName with the name of your form.

    Next, you’ll need to define the form fields, validation rules, and actions within the generated form file located at app/Filament/Forms/YourFormName.php.

  • Step 2: Create a Livewire Component

    Now, you can create a Livewire component that will integrate with the Filament form. Run the following command to generate a Livewire component:

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    Replace YourLivewireComponentName with the desired name for your Livewire component.

  • Step 3: Modify the Livewire Component

    In the generated Livewire component file, typically located in the app/Http/Livewire directory, you’ll need to define properties to store the form data and methods to interact with the Filament form.
    Here’s an example of how your Livewire component might look:

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    Make sure to replace YourFormName with the actual name of the Filament form you created earlier.

  • Step 4: Create a Livewire View

    Create a Livewire view file, typically located in the resources/views/livewire directory, and render the Filament form within it. Here’s an example of what this view might look like:

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  • Step 5: Include the Livewire Component in Your Blade File

    To use the Livewire component in one of your Blade views, include it using the @livewire directive. For example:

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  • Step 6: Test and Interact

    You can now navigate to the Blade view where you included the Livewire component and interact with the Filament form through Livewire. Any form submissions or interactions will be handled by the Livewire component and the Filament form behind the scenes.

    Ensure you have Livewire properly set up and configured in your Laravel project for this integration to work. Additionally, customize the Livewire component and Filament form to meet your specific requirements.